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Best Beverage Flavoured Nicotine Salts in New Zealand

Drinking a glass of cold, freshly-made iced tea during the scorching summer sun sounds dreamlike. As is the warm sensation of a hot chocolate mug in your hands as you watch the snow fall during a particularly cold winter. 

So, why not incorporate those flavourful, invigorating experiences within your vaping session? 

Beverages are the underdog of the world of vaping—full of possibilities when it comes to flavour combinations and note layering, yet vastly overlooked due to their perceived simplicity. These nicotine salt flavour profiles are not a replacement for the original drink, but mere homages to what they represent. 

However, five of those flavours stand out within the New Zealand market due to their popularity with consumers and overall exceptional quality in every aspect possible.

1. Coorong Cola by Bogan Brews Salts.

When Vaping Bogan released his particular line of e-juice products, no one was surprised. After all, he's perhaps the most well-known vape YouTuber and reviewer within Australia and New Zealand. It was a matter of time. 

What no one imagined, however, was the overwhelming success Bogan Brewswould have across the two countries, particularly Coorong Cola. This summer-like flavour was conceived as a "hard candy cola" that features the sweetness and tongue-coating experience of sugary candies and the refreshing, fizzy finish you expect from your favourite cola beverage.

The refreshing experience is rounded by a ratio of 55% VG-45% PG and is available for purchase at the nicotine strengths of 20mg and 35mg in a bottle size of 30ml.


2. Cola Shades by Dinner Lady Salts.


If overly-sweet notes are not appealing to you when you consider purchasing a cola-flavoured nicotine salt, then Cola Shades by Dinner Lady Salts is the option you've been waiting for.


Cola Shadesis every bit as refreshing and fizzy as you expect a recently-opened can of cola to be. The flavour blend manages to capture the essence of cola and transform it into a nicotine salt flavour without sacrificing an ounce of that unique, slightly biting lemon sensation you experiment when you drink a sip of soda.


After the initial refreshing sensation, cola's sweet hidden notes make room in your taste buds during the exhale to complete the well-rounded, uniquely satisfying experience.


Cola Shades has a 50%VG – 50% PG ratio and features two nicotine strengths—30mg and 50mg.


3. Coffee by Don Cristo Salts.


Coffee by Don Cristo Salts

Don Cristo Salts'main selling point is precisely what makes them stand out in the competitive vape market—authentic Montecristo tobacco flavours originated from being steeped for 90 days with the aforementioned cigars. 

The Coffeeflavour within the Don Cristoline is exactly what you might expect it to be—a Montecristoflavour infused with rich, strong, and slightly bitter coffee notes, akin to the sensation of freshly-brewed coffee in the morning. As such, Don Cristo's Coffee is tailor-made as a first-morning vape to give you the energy you require to start the day. 

Like the rest of Don Cristo's blends, Coffeehas a 50% VG - 50% PG ratio and can be purchased in two nicotine strengths; 35mg and 50mg.


4. Pearl Tea by CRUSH Salts.

Pearl Tea by Crush SaltsWith the rise in popularity of bubble tea everywhere, it was a matter of time until we found the perfect rendition of that iconic flavour profile within the vaping world. The chosen one is, of course, CRUSH Salts' Pearl Tea.

The classic boba flavour profile is palpable within the blend, thanks to the soft cassava notes, followed by a refreshing and slightly cooling melon punch that overwhelms the palate through the entire experience, only to make way for the perfect creamy, milky finish. 

Available in low nicotine concentrations of 10mg and 20mg, alongside a blending ratio of 70% VG – 30% PG, Pearl Tea is a refreshing and soothing, relaxing experience that is the perfect pick for an ADV.


5. Peach Mint Iced Tea by Dinner Lady Salts.

Peach Mint Iced Tea is all about that refreshing summer experience. It is a multi-layered blend that gives the central stage to light, cooling, and slightly tangy flavours coated in a light sweetness that is not thick enough to be overpowering.


The peach notes in this blend are bold and juicy, only to make way for the touch of sweetened tea you expect from the start. During the exhale, the refreshing tones increase thanks to the arrival of bold, cooling mint that wraps up the unusually invigorating experience.


Blended with a ratio of 50% VG – 50% PG, Peach Mint Iced Teais available in 30mg and 50mg nicotine strengths.

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