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Vape NZ: A Brief History of Vaping in New Zealand.

Vaping is continuously evolving with consumer needs, here are 6 generations of vapes which have all reshaped the way adult smokers use nicotine in their own unique way. 

First Generation Vapes

Disposable vapes have been around since the early days of vaping, and were the first commercially produced vaping products that made up most of the market between 2010 and 2012. Disposable vapes were originally referred to as "Cigalikes" designed to look and feel as close to a cigarette as possible.

In the early 2010's, nicotine salts were not widely used in eliquids so cigalikes (first generation disposable vapes) were rather harsh and had limited battery capacity.

Some notable first generation disposable vapes are:

White Cloud Flings

Vape NZ: A Brief History | Fling Disposables

Vype eStick
Vape NZ: A Brief History | Vype Disposables


Second Generation Vapes

As vaping innovation developed, disposable vapes were replaced with rechargeable vape pens that gave users more reliability, vapour output and better all round performance. Second generation vape pens where mouth to lung style vapes shaped similar to a pen.

Kangertech EVOD

Vape NZ: A Brief History | Vape Pens

Third Generation Vapes

These were bulkier vape pens sold in a starter kit that came in a wide range of shapes and worked in a modular way with a range of coils and tanks; hence the term “vape mod”. Vape Mods were generally  made of metal and provided more power, more choice and more vapour output. There were 2 types of third generation vapes.

Regulated Mods: These were cutting edge in their time and included microchips within the device to regulate power output settings and had safety measures inbuilt to help prevent short circuits. The key limitation with regulated mods at this time was they were unable to perform with low resistant coils (sub ohm vaping).which meant they had a restricted level of vapour output.

Provari P3

Vape NZ: A Brief History | Regulated Mods

Mechanical Mods: These are advanced vape mods which requires an advanced level of understanding of Ohms law to use safely. Mech Mods were a popular way of vaping low resistance coils for users who wanted to maximise vapour output production.

VGOD Elite Mechanical Mod. 

Vape NZ: A Brief History | Mechanical Mods

Fourth Generation Vapes

Started by the Box Mod, fourth generation vaping devices are technologically advanced regulated mods which delivered the performace of a Mechanical mod, but with the added feature of advanced microchips which regulate battery performance, improving user safety. These devices are still prominent in 2021 and are widely used in New Zealand for Sub Ohm vaping.

Geekvape Aegis X

Vape NZ: A brief history | Box Mods

Fifth Generation Vapes

Popularised by JUUL, pod vapes have experienced exponential growth globally since 2016. Pod vapes are small in size, easy to use and are a satisfying alternative to smoking tobacco.  

One key innovation that has made pod vaping a popular option to adult smokers looking to switch to a better alternative is Nicotine Salt e-liquid. Nicotine salts deliver nicotine smoother and quicker compared to traditional freebase nicotine e-liquid; making it a credible competitor to combustible cigarettes.

There are two types of Pod Vapes; Prefilled and Refillable.

Prefilled Pod Vapes consist of a battery (Device) and are used with proprietary Pod Cartridges prefilled with nicotine eliquid. To use; insert a pod and inhale like you would when smoking a cigarette, and dispose of when empty.

Refillable pod vapes consist of a rechargeable battery (device) and an empty pod cartridge. To use, simply fill your refillable pod cartridge with your preferred eliquid, insert the pod into the device and vape. Most refillable pod vape users tend to use nicotine salt e-liquids, which are formulated specifically for refillable pod vape kits.

Vape NZ: A Brief History | Juul

Vape NZ: A Brief History | alt.


Sixth Generation Vapes

Disposable vapes are the latest generation of ecigarettes to gain popularity because of their convenience. Disposable vapes are single use devices, with an inbuilt pod cartridge. To use simply open and vape, then dispose of when used.

Many disposable vapes come with established nicotine salt e-liquid brands, such as Fresh Farms and Dinner Lady. The primary benefit of a disposable vape is the low cost outlay, these are intended for temporary use or as a backup option.

Because a disposable vape comes with an inbuilt battery you don’t need to purchase a device separately so its an easy entry to vaping for smokers looking to try vaping. Compared to first generation cigarlike disposable vapes, modern day disposables have superior battery performance, better e-liquid flavours and are more satisfying (with the introduction of nicotine salt eliquid).  

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