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Vaping Etiquette in 2021

Wondering how to be respectful while vaping? Here are some good vaping practices to help you show respect and consideration to those around you!

Always Ask for Permission

If you’re around family or friends, you may just assume they will have no problem with you vaping. But it’s best to never assume. Explicitly ask those around you if it’s okay to vape. This applies to any indoor setting and any outdoor space where you are in close proximity to others.

Consider No Smoking Spaces No Vaping Places

If you’re in a space where smoking is prohibited, that probably means it’s a place you shouldn’t vape. Although they are two very different practices, both can still be quite off-putting to others. If there’s doubt, you can always try to find someone to ask, but it’s usually best to err on the side of caution and just forgo vaping when you see a “no smoking” sign.

Don’t Vape in Small Spaces

Even if you’re around people who don’t have an issue with you vaping, you shouldn’t be using your vape in small confined spaces. This includes elevators, waiting areas, and, of course, airplanes. When one person is vaping in a small area, the vapor can be more of an irritant than it would be if you were in a wide-open area. You should also avoid vaping in rideshares, taxis, or cars that have other passengers. Never vape while in public transportation.

Limit Your Flavors to Low-Profile Ones

There are endless choices for e-juice flavors! While you may like some of the stronger flavors, they can be more irritating for those around you. If you know you are going to be vaping around others, try to limit yourself to flavors that are less pungent. Those around you will appreciate it!

Don’t Be a Source of Peer Pressure

Even though vaping can be a source of stress relief or just an enjoyable activity for you, it’s not for everyone. Hopefully you know that. Don’t be someone that is always trying to get others to vape. You’ll quickly annoy your loved ones. Even if vaping has helped you quit smoking, don’t automatically see smokers as projects you can try to fix. If they really want to quit smoking and they know you’ve been able to do so through vaping, they will talk to you if and when they are ready for it.

Go Vape-Free in Line

If you’re in a long line waiting for a takeout order, your turn at the ATM, or anything else, it can be tempting to pull out your vape. You’re bored and maybe even a little anxious. Whether the line is indoors or outdoors, don’t vape while you wait. Be considerate of those around you! Instead, play a game on your phone or browse social media.

Put the Vape Away at Meals

If you’re sharing a meal with others, vaping should not enter the equation. Think of it as table manners. Even if you’re with others who have no problem with you vaping, no one wants vapor to mix with delicious food. It could quickly spoil someone’s appetite or some food on the table. To be considerate of everyone, wait until after a meal to vape or at least excuse yourself from the table if you can’t wait.

Don’t Pull Out Your Vape Around Animals

There’s not a lot of info on how vaping may affect animals. If you’re in an area and there’s a dog or some other animal nearby, put the vape away. Your furry friends don’t deserve any potential harm that could come from secondhand vapor and they certainly don’t have the ability to ask you to stop.

Keep Vapor Clouds to a Minimum

Sure, vapor is not as irritating as smoke, but it’s still irritating. Don’t be that person who blows big clouds of vapor into your friends’ faces. Even if they vape or they have no problem with you vaping while they’re around, this is just annoying. In addition, if you’re surrounded by others who are vaping, you should be extra cautious about the amount of vapor you’re releasing. You don’t want to surround everyone with big vapor clouds.

Don’t Be a Stealth Vaper

You may think that “stealth vaping” (vaping while trying to hide it) is a great option to avoid annoying others. However, if you’re in a place where you have to hide vaping, this is a place you shouldn’t vape in the first place. You’ll probably get caught and you could even get fined. It’s also just rude if you’re in a spot that already tells you that you shouldn’t be vaping. Look for a smoking area or an outdoor spot if you’re in desperate need of satisfying your cravings.

Ask First to Share Vaping Supplies

If you have other vaping friends—even close ones—don’t ever snag some e-juice or an e-cigarette of theirs without asking if it’s okay first. Your friends may be quick to lend you books, movies, or décor, but vape supplies are a little different. Always ask for permission before you borrow or use anything from your friend’s stash.

Don’t Judge Smokers

Some vapers have the tendency to think of themselves as superior to smokers. Quitting smoking is extremely difficult. If you were once a smoker, you can probably sympathize with that struggle. So if you’re vaping in a smoking area and there are smokers around you, be respectful. There’s no need to make rude comments or shoot them dirty looks.

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