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Vape Research

Podlyfe is a vape specialty store that’s dedicated to harm reduction. As we’ve discussed before, nicotine vapes are an increasingly important tool for “harm reduction”—directly reducing the health impact of smoking combustible tobacco. While vaping isn’t completely harmless, it’s significantly less harmful than smoking cigarettes, and the vapes we stock are designed specifically to be both appealing and satisfying to smokers. Our products are intended to help people stop smoking, not start.
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 The principle behind e-cigarettes is the idea of “harm reduction”: traditional “combustible” tobacco is extremely dangerous for all users, while vapor-based nicotine products have far milder effects on our health. So, if we can just get every lover of cigarettes, cigars, and pipes to permanently swap over to e-cigarettes, we could save millions of lives every year. Switching from smoking to vaping is easier than quitting all-together, and is a realistic, achievable goal for many or most smokers.[3]

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Any serious article on quitting is going to tell you that the evidence on e-cigarettes isn’t all in yet. They help some people, make it worse for others, and it varies a lot by product.[1] So rather than trying to tackle the whole field, this article is going to focus on just one aspect of it: how e-liquid flavor affects smoking cessation. We’ll quickly cover health issues and vaping as a tool to quit smoking, then get into why flavor is such an important part of making that work.
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