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Honey Peach by Crush Salts

Nic Mg Strength: 20mg

You might be inclined to believe Honey Peachis a self-explanatory name for a nicotine salt blend. Still, you’d be surprised to know that this e-juice does not feature a heavy peaches flavour.

Instead, this New Zealand manufactured CRUSH eliquid chooses to amaze consumers with a unique tropical delight enhanced by the sweet notes of honey—a medley that is as unexpected as it is mouth-watering delicious. 

Honey Peachfeatures sweet and juicy tropical mango notes, ripe and ready for your taste buds to enjoy. Alongside it, you will perceive a prominent papaya flavour, tasty and creamy. The exhale will surprise you once again when it reveals the crispy notes of a double apple.

This mixture might seem eclectic, but it is unified by the prevalent presence of sweet, gooey honey—delightfully tasty yet not overpowering. It connects the fruits to deliver an impactful flavour combination straight to your senses. 

Size: 30ml.

Nicotine Strengths: 10mg and 20mg.

VG/PG Ratio:70/30.

PLEASE NOTE:High-strength nicotine salt e-liquids are not suitable for use with sub ohm devices. This eliquid is designed to be used in lower powered devices or pod systems.