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Original by Don Cristo Salts

Nic mg strength: 35mg

Don Cristo’s signature flavour, the aptly-titled Original,remains one of the favourite cigar-flavoured vaping juices around the world, and it’s not hard to see why. It is a faithful recreation of authentic cigar flavours—no embellishment, no complications. 

Just a high-quality cigar condensed within a 30ml bottle of nicotine salt e-juice.

However, achieving this authenticity is no easy task, as mimicking tobacco taste is notoriously complicated. However, the experts at PGVG Labs developed the solution, and by doing so, set the standards for what an authentic luxury tobacco flavour must taste like.

The Original nicotine salt e-juice achieves its unique flavour through a steeping process that extends for over 90 days and infuses it with the signature flavour profiles of genuine Cuban Montecristo Cigars.

The results speak for themselves. The Original has deep, powerful, earthy tobacco notes that carry slightly roasted touches, infused with nutty hints that make for a layered, complex, yet oddly welcoming flavour. 

It’s inviting and nostalgic, an authentic gift that cigar connoisseursmust enjoy at least once.

Size: 30ml.

Nicotine Strengths: 35mg and 50mg.

VG/PG Ratio:50/50.