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Prefilled Pod Systems

Buy the best prefilled pod kits at podlyfe. Choose from New Zealands favorite pod vapes like alt. pod vape kits, VAPO HAIZ, RELX Pod kits, BO Vaping and VUSE Vapes. Prefilled Pod Vapes are simple and a hassle free alternative growing in popularity in New Zealand. Buy a device or a starterkit and use purpose built nicotine salt liquid pod cartridges to vape. Simply insert pod, vape then dispose.
RELX Infinity Device 307 reviews $35.00 NZD
RELX Essential Device 247 reviews $8.99 NZD
RELX ESS Bundle-Black / Gardens Heart 247 reviews $15.10 NZD $18.88 NZD
RELX Infinity Replacement Pods 367 reviews from $10.00 NZD
VUSE ePod 5% Flavour Bundle 231 reviews from $94.99 NZD
Vuse ePod Replacement Pod Cartridges 240 reviews from $14.99 NZD
alt. Pod Vape Kit $39.90 NZD
alt. Classics Flavour Bundle 75 reviews from $54.99 NZD
alt. Replacement Pods (2 Pack) 77 reviews from $19.90 NZD
Replacement Vapourium Stratus Pod Cartridges 4 reviews $5.00 NZD $18.90 NZD
VAPO HAIZ Replacement Pods (2 Pack) 12 reviews from $19.00 NZD
VUSE ePod 2 Device 227 reviews $9.99 NZD
alt. Replacement Battery 44 reviews $29.99 NZD
alt. Device Bundle from $31.99 NZD $39.99 NZD
VUSE ePod 2 Bundle 240 reviews $15.99 NZD $19.99 NZD