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RELX Infinity Flavour Bundle

Title: RELX Flavour Sensations Bundle
Introducing RELX Infinity Flavour Bundles! 

Made for the new RELX Infinity Device This is the perfect option for somebody starting thier journey of being a RELXer and still undecided on what flavour(s) are right for them! 

With so many flavourful options ready to unleash a plethora of sensations for your senses, why settle with just one?

 The RELX Infinity Flavour Bundle is a delicate selection of the best nicotine salt flavour pods available from the RELXheadquarters—designed exclusively for the RELX Infinityand RELX Essentialdevices. 


Option 1: RELX Flavour Sensations Bundle

Each RELX Infinity Flavour Sensations Bundlecomes with one (1) pack of different RELX Infinity Flavoured Pods, for a total of ten (10) packs with RELX Signature flavours, all in 3% (30mg) nicotine strength. 

  • Gardens Heart (30mg): Sweet and slightly sour strawberry blend.
  • Tangy Purple (30mg): A juicy burst of grape flavour with a sophisticated hint of tang.
  • Fresh Red (30mg): Refreshing and mouth-watering watermelon flavour.
  • Dark Sparkle (30mg): Cooling and aromatic cola blend.
  • Tangy Green (30mg): Grape with a fresh green apple finish.
  • Golden Slice (30mg): A creamy yet tropical bite of tropical mango.
  • Sunny Sparkle (30mg): Refreshing burst of citric and fizzy orange soda.
  • Crisp Green (30mg): Fresh green apples with a cooling finish.
  • Mello Melody (30mg): A blend of melons with a fresh finish
  • White Freeze (30mg): A banana popsicle 

Option 2: RELX Traditional Flavour Bundle

Each RELX Traditional Flavour Bundle comes with one (1) pack of different RELX Infinity Mint, Menthol and Tobacco flavoured Pods, for a total of four (4) packs of traditional flavoured RELX pods, all in 5% (50mg) nicotine strength. 

  • Rich Tobacco (50mg): An authentic VCT style tobacco flavour with nutty undertones
  • Green Zest Tobacco (50mg): A unique tobacco with a zesty touch of lemon finish. 
  • Menthol Plus (50mg): A classic menthol flavour at quality RELX is known for
  • Menthol Xtra (50mg): A bold mint flavour with a menthol ice finish. 
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