RELX Infinity Flavour Bundle

Introducing RELX Infinity Flavour Bundles! 

Made for the new RELX Infinity Device This is the perfect option for somebody starting thier journey of being a RELXer and still undecided on what flavour(s) are right for them! 

With so many flavourful options ready to unleash a plethora of sensations for your senses, why settle with just one?

 The RELX Infinity Flavour Bundle is a delicate selection of the best nicotine salt flavour pods available from the RELXheadquarters—designed exclusively for the RELX Infinityand RELX Essentialdevices. 

In the Bundle. 

Each RELX Infinity Flavour Bundlecomes with one (1) pack of different RELX Infinity Flavoured Pods, for a total of ten (10) packs with unique flavours. Eight (8) come in a nicotine strength of 30mg, and two (2) are available in 50mg. 

  • Gardens Heart (30mg): Sweet and slightly sour strawberry blend.
  • Tangy Purple (30mg): A juicy burst of grape flavour with a sophisticated hint of tang.
  • Fresh Red (30mg): Refreshing and mouth-watering watermelon flavour.
  • Dark Sparkle (30mg): Cooling and aromatic cola blend.
  • Ludou Ice (30mg): Refreshing and exotic flavours infused with Mung Bean.
  • Golden Slice (30mg): A creamy yet tropical bite of tropical mango.
  • Sunny Sparkle (30mg): Refreshing burst of citric and fizzy orange soda.
  • Hawaiian Sunshine (30mg): Mouth-watering and unique pineapple flavours.
  • Menthol Plus (50mg): The quintessential menthol blend to cool your senses.
  • Rich Tobacco (50mg): Deep and earthy notes of the most exquisite tobacco.
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