RELX Infinity Slim Fit Wireless Charging Case

The RELX Slim Fit wireless charging case is for use with the RELX Infinity prefilled pod vape device kit. 

The RELX Infinity Devicebrought forward many innovations to make your vaping ritual a far more luxurious experience.

One of these is the RELX Infinity Slim Wireless Charging Case. This sleek and elegant carrying case allows you to charge your favourite vaping device without hassle in a comfortable, practical manner.  

All you need to do is store your RELX Infinitydevice inside the stylish case, and it will charge in no time while preserving the hygiene and quality of your vape. It is a comfortable and direct way to guarantee up to two days of extra battery life for your device.

You can recharge your RELX Infinityup to three (3) times per each singular charge of your RELX Infinity Slim Wireless Charging Case, guaranteeing you will never run out of vapes no matter where you are. 

Two options available.

According to your needs, the RELX Infinity Slim Wireless Charging Casecomes in two different sizes. 

  • Small, with a 1000 MaH capacity.
  • Big, with a 1500 MaH capacity.

Note: The RELX Infinity Slim Wireless Charging Caseis only available to use with the RELX Infinitydevice and does not work with RELX Essential models.