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VAPO HAIZ Pod Vape Kit

Flavour: Gold Tobacco

An exquisite vaping kit for beginners and experts alike, VAPOis proud to call the HAIZ Pod Vape Kitits flagship product and the jewel in their crown. 

The VAPO HAIZ Pod Vape Kit promises excellent airflow, flavour quality, and vapour production, featuring exquisite technology that maximises vaping quality while minimising expenses. But don’t be fooled—it retains the sleek and straightforward design that makes it one of the most sought-after vaping products in Australasia.

The VAPO HAIZ pod kit is one of the most technologically advanced prefilled pod systems available. Featuring a innovative coil design that delivers maximum performance in all areas, the HAIZ will not disappoint when it comes to airflow, flavour and vapour production. This prefilled pod vape works well for most classic mouth-to-lung and seasoned stealth vapers.

It is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated options available if you’re seeking a prefilled pod device.

Features of the VAPO HAIZ Pod Vape Kit.

  • A powerful 500MaH battery to guarantee extended usage.
  • Device chargeable through micro-USB.
  • Magnetic technology that helps connect the pod to the battery without leakage.
  • Unique coil design developed by VAPO to guarantee high-quality airflow and vapour production. 

Available Flavours.

The VAPO HAIZ Pod Vape Kit can be purchased with pods in three (3) different flavour profiles, all with a nicotine salt strength of 30mg. 

  • Gold Tobacco: Strong tobacco notes with delicate touches of caramel.
  • Menthol Ice: A chilling blast of cooling menthol.
  • Watermelon: Refreshing and mouth-watering watermelon delight. 

In the box.

By purchasing a VAPO HAIZ Pod Vape Kit,you will receive within the box:

  • One (1) VAPO HAIZdevice.
  • One (1) Prefilled VAPO HAIZpod cartridge of your preferred flavour.
  • One (1) Mini USB charging cable.
  • One (1) Quick Start User Guide.

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