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Pods Guide


As vaping has evolved, we are now presented with more choice than ever before; there are many types of vaping devices from mech mods to regulated box mods, to egos, vape pens and pods.  When selecting a vaping device there are pros and cons to each. Everyone is different and your choice should be determined by your personal likes and preferences.

Here are are some of the benefits of using a pod system (also known as ultra-portable vaporisers) and how they compare to alternative vaping devices.

Mass Appeal
One thing that sets pod mods like Juul apart from your standard vapin device is that they’re extremely simple to use.

Additionally, pod systems are often pre-filled with higher quality e-liquids that appeal even to the seasoned vape veterans.

Box mod users typically prefer e-liquids that have a higher VG ratio, since that’s what most sub-ohm tanks are built for.

POD systems are equally capable of vaping those thicker e-liquids, thus giving vapers a broad range of unique vaping options with little—if any—sacrifice to the overall experience.

However, most new and beginning vapers will be attracted to the simplicity of the traditional vape pen that still dominates the market today—if only for the fact that they’ve made an impression on the public and the vape community for many years now.

The best news for all users is that, despite their smaller size, some ultra-portable cartridges are equipped with sub-ohm coils—a massive step up in technology that’s still totally inaccessible for your average everyday vape pen.

A major advantage for newbies that’s offered by your everyday vape pen (at the expense of high-quality e-liquid) is their functionality with e-liquids that are mixed with ridiculously high nicotine levels. Since the average sub-ohm tank is suggested for use with liquids that offer nicotine between 3-6mg, beginning vapers most likely will not get enough nicotine from the standard box mod/sub-ohm tank setup. Despite this lack in flavor, there are still many vapers out there that prefer higher nicotine levels in their sub-ohm tanks. What works for them might not work for you, and vice-versa.

Ultra-portable devices can carry much more nicotine. This is due to their use with nicotine salts – an all-new delivery method that allows for higher concentrations of nicotine without sacrificing smoothness or flavor. In fact, a 24mg mixture of nicotine in a vape pen will almost surely provide an unpleasant vaping experience for the newbie. That same newbie could try a 50mg mixture of nicotine salts and not even bat an eye. Such is the joy of nicotine salts.

Ah yes, the dreaded leaky tank. This is a problem that plagues vapers from all walks of life. As if carrying the juice bottles around wasn’t already bothersome enough, there’s also the possibility that a cap loosens up or liquid seeps through the smallest of openings.
Well, not with ultra-portable POD systems. Since these bad boys are pre-built and use disposable cartridges, there’s literally zero chances of running into the same leaky nonsense that comes with your average tank when using a non-defective POD system.

While not all ultra-portable devices conform to this design, many POD systems are activated by your breath. Granted, a single button isn’t exactly rocket science, but to a smoker looking for an authentic experience, what could be more authentic than inhaling without any other effort?Compare that to a box mod, where the firing button is the least of your worries. Sure, you’ll probably find some basic vape pens that work the same way, but without the quality or power of a POD device.

Overall, ultra-portable POD systems do a great job of bridging the gap between beginners and veterans, while simultaneously appealing to both. Although there are some minor gripes to deal with, they’re fairly easy to overlook.
If you’ve been let down by vape pens or want something more low-key when out in public, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying out a POD