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Blackberry Lemonade by Vapetasia Salts

Nic Mg Strength: 48mg

When the weather is suffocating, the sun is bright, and thirst overwhelms your senses, there is nothing more refreshing than a tasty homemade lemonade. But do not reach for the glass just yet—why don’t you try Vapetasia’s Blackberry Lemonadeinstead? 

This exceptional nicotine salt e-juice is an original lemonade blend transformed into a vaping jewel meant for your mouth and lungs. A simple puff of Blackberry Lemonade will refresh you on a hot summer day and quench your thirst while delivering your preferred nicotine strength.

Unique in its conception yet still overwhelmingly familiar, Blackberry Lemonade features a complex mixture of sweet and sour notes for a delightfully tart experience. The mouth-puckering sourness of lemons enhanced by the light sugar notes creates a lemonade flavour profile that is soon enhanced by the sweet touch of ripe blackberries.

Succulent and refreshing, Blackberry Lemonademight just be your next favourite All Day Vape.

Size: 30ml.

Nicotine Strengths: 12mg, 24mg, and 48mg.

VG/PG Ratio:50/50.

PLEASE NOTE:High-strength nicotine salt e-liquids are not suitable for use with sub ohm devices. This eliquid is designed to be used in lower powered devices or pod systems.