RELX Classic Replacement Pods (3 Pack)

RELX Classic Replacement pods are for use with the RELX Classic Device. 

Made with nicotine salt eliquids, RELX Classic replacement pod cartridges come in a pack of 3 x 2ml pods equivalent to approximately 3 packets of cigarettes.

RELX Classic Pods are available in a wide range of flavours in 3% and 5% nicotine salt strength. 

Flavour Profiles

Classic Series

RELX Classic Series replacement pods are the core essential flavours best suited to somebody looking to replicate a combustible cigarette smoking experience.  
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Mint
  • Soft Tobacco
Creative Series

RELX Creative Series replacement pods are a new line of beverage flavoured pods. Like beverage flavours? These pods could be for you.   
  • Dark Sparkle - A tasty icy cola
  • White Freeze - A refreshing lemonade
  • Turbo Red - A high powered energy drink 
Tea Series

RELX Tea Series replacement pods are a unique and relaxing tea flavoured eliquid line. 
  • Fruit Tea - A refreshing peach Oohlong tea
Nature Series

RELX Nature Series replacement pods are for fruit lovers, and also features some exciting iconic vegetable flavours.

  • Tangy Purple - Juice grape goodness
  • Fresh Red - Refreshing icy watermelon
  • Ludou Ice - Mung Bean with a hint of minty aftertaste
  • Fragrant Fruit - Fresh Lychee
  • Taro - A classic bubble tea flavour in a vape
  • Fresh Cucumber - A credible JUUL contender 
  • Pink Zest - Sweet grapefruit
  • Blue Burst - A summer blueberry 
  • Tropical Fruit - A rich crushed mango
  • Fruit - A medley of citrus fruits 


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