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Replacement Vapourium Stratus Pod Cartridges

Replacement Vapourium Stratus Pod Cartridges are for use with the Stratus Pod Vape Kit. 

Stratus pods come in packs of 4 pods and are available in 5% (50mg) and 2.5% (25mg) nicotine salt strength. 

The eLiquid used in Stratus pods are proudly manufactured in New Zealand and are available in 7 flavours kiwis love!

Choose from 7 Flavour options accross 2 lines. Not sure what flavour to get? Try them all with our Stratus Pod Flavour Bundle!

Vapourium Nimbus Salts Range
  • Anzaac - A recreation of the much loved Anzac biscuit enjoyed by Kiwis and Aussies every year. 
  • Blackcurrant - A juicy and refreshing blackcurrant juice. 
  • Kentucky Gold - Tasty blend of Golden Tobacco  .
  • Ice Cucumber - A Light cucumber taste with an icy aftertaste.

ODE Tobacco Salts Range
  • Arbores - Traditional and rich flue cured tobacco .
  • Luce - Virginia tobacco with hints of sweet sun-cured leaf
  • Nocturne - Dark cigar leaf with subtle hints of bourbon and whiskey.