UWELL Yearn Pod Device

The Yearn pod is a simple device from Uwell that is draw activated with a slim pen-style body. It fits well and comfortably in your hand, making your vaping experience as discreet as you would like it to be. The pod device has a 370mAH integrated battery with 11W maximum power output. Despite the compact size of its design device, the pod has a tank capacity of 1.5 ml with built-in 1.4 ohms coils.

Available as device only, or as a starterkit (device + one pod of each flavour). 

Uwell Yearn pod flavours

The pods come in four flavours; vanilla tobacco, ice mint, mango, and finally Fuji Apple. The integrated coil offers quick-wicking, heating, and full atomization of the juices hence releasing the flavours in full effect. The device also has a well-designed airway that provides the restrictions for the much-needed cigarette feel. The transparent window allows you to check for the juice levels to plan your refill.

Unique e-liquid chamber technology

The pod devices use a unique e-liquid chamber technology which ensures that the e-liquid remains pure before the pods are activated. This feature enables you always to have a fresh and convenient vaping experience. The chamber technology is patented to UWELL. You need to give the pod some ten minutes after it is activated for you to use. Activating the pod is pretty easy, press it down firmly, and it is activated. The heating temperatures in the pod are controlled adequately. The same goes for the material quality as well as ensuring that the e-liquid is completely restored to provide the vapers with the excellent vaping experience.

Compact and portable

As mentioned above, the device has a slim and light design that fits perfectly in your hand. There are smooth lines on the device, giving it a classic and slick look. The zinc alloy used to make the vape is light making sure that carrying it around is not a hassle. It also comes in four different finishes, all classy, increasing the great feel of the device in your hand. The pod is disposable to be replaced with a pre-filled one. What is even more impressive is the fact that it is easy to swap the pods with the plug and pull replacement method. 

Security and protection

Various protection measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of both the vapers and the device. There are multiple circuit protection functions such as the low power indication and the vaping overtime indication. There is also a smart chip that ensures safety precautions while offering you a reliable vaping experience.

Long battery life

The device comes with an in-built 370mAH battery. The battery ensures that the vaper has a long and stable vapor output. That means you can get a great vaping experience offered by this device for long without the need to recharge its battery. Once the battery is depleted, you can recharge it using the micro USB cable.

Colors available

The Yearn Pod device comes in four colors; Black, black & violet, grey and blue & black.