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Vaporesso XROS Mini Refillable Pod Kit

Color: Black
Space Grey
Grape Purple
Orange Red
Lime Green

With the goal of expanding their horizons and appealing to the ever-increasing demand for more portable devices, VAPORESSO took the challenge of improving upon perfection. 

The result? VAPORESSO XROS Mini—the best-selling VAPORESSO XROS turned smaller, lighter, simpler, and yet not less powerful. 

This pioneering device results from extensive research by VAPORESSO’s experts, resulting in an innovative technology meant to deliver an exceptional vaping experience in a comfortable, pocked-sized, unassuming format. 

Design and Style.

As indicated by the name, the VAPORESSO XROS MINIaims to be a smaller and portable version of the first XROSdevice, sitting at 98.99mm tall. However, it boasts of the same width and depth, highlighting its power and resilience.

When it comes to design, the VAPORESSO XROS MINI’sminimalistic and stylish approach highlights its motto of simplicity, focusing on timeless colours and aesthetics with universal appeal. 

The Zinc-Alloy chassis construction guarantees a resistant and sturdy yet lightweight device, and the even weight distribution prevents it from becoming prone to falling. Likewise, the surface is covered with a luxurious diamond pattern that acts as a non-slip feature and adds an extra layer of sophistication.

Likewise, the VAPORESSO XROS Mini includes a 150° refined curved surface crafted through a diamond high-gloss cutting process, giving your device a sleek and smooth surface that is more comfortable to hold. 

The VAPORESSO XROS Minicomes in six (6) different colours:

  • Black
  • Space Grey.
  • Silver
  • Grape Purple.
  • Orange Red.
  • Lime Green.

Key Features. 

The VAPORESSO XROS Miniaims to condense the qualities that made the VAPORESSO XROSa best-seller item into a practical and straightforward device. The same quality, but enhanced for simpler use. 

It is an irresistible combination of old and new features that give it a universal appeal for vapers everywhere and might just turn the MINIinto your new preferred device for a flawless Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping experience anytime, anywhere. 

Long Lasting Battery.

Smaller, yet more powerful? You bet!

The VAPORESSO XROS MINImight be the pocket-friendly version of the XROS, but its battery is even more powerful—an 88% more, according to VAPORESSO, thanks to the 1000mAh battery incorporated on the tiny device, which can give you over two days of constant vaping before you need to recharge.

Likewise, the 1A Type-C quick charging allows you to replenish your device’s battery in an hour or less.

LED Indicator. 

Knowing the VAPORESSO XROS MINI’sbattery can last for over two days is quite helpful, but not as much as the LED indicator, which lights up each time you activate the draw system. The colour displayed highlights the battery levels remaining on your device, according to the following code: 

  • Green: indicates battery levels from 100% to 70%.
  • Blue: indicates battery levels from 70% to 30%.
  • Red: indicates batter levels below 30%.

New XROS Pod. 

The pod included in the VAPORESSO XROS MINIrefillable pod kit is a brand-new, updated version of the 1.2ohm pod marketed by VAPORESSOon their previous devices.

The brand-new 1.2ohm pod ditches the mesh coil and instead includes only one wire build but remains fully compatible with other XROSdevices. Likewise, you can also use the classic XROS pods on your XROS MINI.

The pods are also fully transparent and nearly completely visible when sitting on the battery, making it easy to determine when it is time to add more e-juice.

Uncomplicated Top Fill.

Building upon the premise of making the XROSexperience simple, the VAPORESSO XROS MINIhas a straightforward and uncomplicated refilling system.

Thanks to the top fill design, all you need to do is to remove the mouthpiece and pour your preferred e-juice—no need to dismantle your XROS MINI. 

SSS Leak-Resistant Technology.

Like most VAPORESSO devices, the brand-new VAPORESSO XROS MINI1.2ohm pod includes the revolutionary SSS Leak-Resistant Technology pioneered by the company.

Inconspicuous yet highly efficient, the mechanism locks the e-liquid tightly and prevents leaking and other performance issues from taking place, allowing maximum efficiency.

Draw Activation. 

Who needs buttons and complex panels? The VAPORESSO XROS MINIditches unnecessary features and goes back to basics—you and your vape.

The auto draw system allows you to start vaping without hassle with a simple inhalation. Easy, effective, and fool-proof.


  • Dimensions: 98.9 mm x 23.4 mm. x 13.5 mm.
  • Battery: Integrated 1000 mAh rechargeable battery.
  • Wattage Output Range: 11W-16W.
  • Material: Zinc-Alloy chassis with a diamond texture design.
  • Cartridge Capacity: 2ml.
  • Charging: Type-C Port.
  • Coil: It comes with a 1.2ohm XROS pod, but it is also compatible with 0.8ohm XROS Mesh pods.
  • Activation system: Draw activated firing. 

In the Box.

By purchasing a VAPORESSO XROS MINIrefillable pod kit, you will acquire the following items in the box:

  • One (1) VAPORESSO XROS SERIES2ohm pod (2ml).
  • One (1) Type-C USB Cable.
  • One (1) User Manual.
  • One (1) Warranty Card.

    Click here for replacement Vaporesso XROS pod cartridges.