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Best Disposable Vapes

Best Disposable Vapes

Many smokers considering the transition from traditional cigars and cigarettes to vaping understand the benefits but remain wary of the complexities surrounding the vape industry. After all, smoking a cigarette is relatively easy, but vaping often involves maintenance, setups, and other technicalities.

Undoubtedly, this is the main obstacle keeping regular smokers from entering the world of vaping. 

However, as vaping keeps evolving and new technologies keep improving the experience, it has become more accessible for anyone willing to give it a try. Disposable vapes are the right step in this direction. Since they come prefilled with e-Juice and are made to be thrown away, they skip the technical steps that many would like to avoid.

 The best thing about these disposables is they also come in prefilled pods and / or eliquid bottles to be used with your refillable pod vape.

1. SOLO (Recyclable)


Battery: 280mAh.

Capacity: 1.4ml.

Nicotine strengths: 45mg.

Flavours available: Gold Tobacco, Menthol Ice, Mango Ice, Aqua Mint, Watermelon Ice, Peach Ice. 

Proudly designed and produced in New Zealand by the brand alt. NZ, the SOLO disposable vape stands out due to its eco-friendly design and structure. Created specifically to be recyclable with Terracycle, it addresses the waste build-up concern often linked to disposable vaping devices and takes a step further towards sustainable change.

SOLO is designed to be compact, small, and unassuming. In comparison to other disposable devices, it seems meant for travelling. Packing a great punch for the price, a single SOLO can last you for quite a bit thanks to its built-in battery and tank capacity, which allows you to test the grounds without a significant investment in time or money.

2. Fruitia Plus.


Battery: 650mAh.

Capacity: 5ml.

Nicotine strengths: 50mg.

Flavours available: Apple Kiwi Crush, Blood Orange Cactus Cooler, Passion Fruit Guava Punch, Pineapple Citrus Twist.


Fruitia Plus is the disposable vape per excellence of Fresh Farms; a manufacturer focused on fruit-flavoured e-juices and nicotine salts. As you may imagine by the name, Fruitia Plus focuses on delivering those fresh fruity notes, with flavour profiles reminiscent of the countryside experience.

Designed to be long-lasting, its powerful battery and capacity of 5ml can last you up to 1,500 puffs per device. These technical aspects, combined with the high nicotine strength, guarantee a long-lasting fix—all with the convenience of an easily disposable device.

No fuss, full flavour.


3. Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max.


Battery: 1000mAh.

Capacity: 6.5ml.

Nicotine strengths: 30mg, 50mg 

Flavours available: Lemon Tart, Strawberry Ice, Lemon Sherbet, Fruit Mix, Mango Ice, Citrus Ice, Bubble-gum Ice, Banana Ice.

Dinner Lady Vape is a nostalgic experience that delivers familiar flavours wrapped in a gorgeous, stylish retro aesthetic. Each of their masterful blends takes you to revisit childhood memories in each puff.

So, Dinner Lady Vape Pen Max is that same experience, but without the fuss. No recharging, no maintenance, no complexities—just pick your preferred flavour and vape the day away. 

Designed for a long-lasting vape, each Pen Max carries a large 6.5ml built-in tank that is promised to last much more than 1,500 puffs each for a full-day vape made easier by the sleek, ergonomic, and elegant design.


4. Myle Mini.


Capacity: 1.2ml.

Nicotine strengths: 50mg.

Flavours available: Iced Watermelon, Iced Apple Mango, Sweet Tobacco, Iced Quadberry, Iced Mint, Pink Lemonade, Red Apple, Iced Lychee, Raspberry Watermelon, Peach, Lemon Mint.

Discreet, elegant, portable, simple, and affordable. The Mylé All-In-One Mini is a device designed with the consumer's comfort in mind. The sole goal? Help you satisfy your cravings in the most easy-going manner possible. 

With a small design and minimal weight, tucking the Mylé Mini inside your pocket won't be an issue. Likewise, its on-draw activation system means you can start vaping wherever and whenever—no setup required.

Best part? Each box comes with two units, and you can also purchase a 10-unit pack and explore the eleven irresistible flavour combinations.


5. Dinner Lady Vape Pen.


Battery: 300mAh.

Capacity: 1.5ml.

Nicotine strengths: 30mg, 50mg.

Flavours available: Banana Ice, Citrus Ice, Strawberry Macaroon, Strawberry Ice, Lemon Tart, Fruit Mix, Bubble-gum Ice, Lemon Sherbets Ice, Mango Ice.

The first and original disposable vape made by Dinner Lady Vape, the Pen is exceptionally crafted and boasts impressive quality for a device meant to be discarded.

With bright and colourful designs made in aluminium, the Pen is highly resilient yet surprisingly light, making it exceptionally suited for travel. Likewise, its tank of 1.5ml provides an average of over 400 puffs and comes in a wide variety of nine flavours to choose from.

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