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CRUSH Salts is an exclusive nicotine salt collection featuring unique gourmet flavour blends developed and produced for vapers seeking unique flavours and gentle nicotine salt e-juices.

CRUSH eliquid is manufactured by the team at VAPO, one of Australasia’s leading vaping brands, making use of its extensive experience in the vaping market to develop its collection of freebase and nicotine salt e-juices according to the interests and demands of the vaping community.

To achieve this goal, CRUSH carefully monitors the production process of their collection of e-juices from the conception stage. With headquarters in New Zealand, the experts at the company screen the ingredients for imperfections and make sure to focus on locally sourced components to guarantee a result fit for even the most exigent palate. 

Following this monitored process, the elaboration journey takes place within a sanitised and controlled environment under the most rigorous international standards to ensure a consistent flavour quality across batches. You will never struggle with swerving quality or different blends and notes.

In this regard, CRUSH Saltsfollows these exceptional standards to create a one-of-a-kind vaping experience meant for vapers seeking a reliable All Day Vape (ADV) in comfortable and satisfying low nicotine concentrations—10 mg and 20 mg. 

Likewise, the VG/PG ratio stands out at a 70/30 distribution, which means the high vegetable glycerine levels will provide thicker clouds with dense vapour, and a smooth throat hit that will make this a comfortable and soothing vaping experience without sacrificing flavour quality.

Each of the six (6) available blends stand out due to their unique conception and unparalleled originality—you will not find anything like them. Forget about the classic flavours and all-time favourites, CRUSH Saltsis for the flavour chasers seeking unique experiences in a comfortable format that makes you seek the next bottle.