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Founded in New Zealand, alt. is New Zealands number 1 prefilled pod vaping brand. Through its exceptional quality and unique innovation within the vaping industry, in a short time has become one of the leading vaping companies  in Australasia.

 Conceived as the ultimate method to shift from smoking to vaping, the alt.prefilled vaping device combines accessibility, user-friendliness, and effectiveness to create a unique vaping experience unlike any other. 

Designed with cotton-free FEELM coils with ceramic cores for maximum efficiency and flavour, the alt.devices provide various flavours in different nicotine strengths, with the perfect VG/PG ratio to ensure a smooth and enjoyable vape all day long.

Likewise, alt.prides itself on being environmentally conscious and fully recyclable through Terracycle, making it one of the market's most eco-friendly and sustainable vaping devices.