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Best Sweet and Dessert Flavoured Nicotine Salt eLiquids in New Zealand

Best Sweet and Dessert Flavoured Nicotine Salt eLiquids in New Zealand

 An aspect that has allowed vaping to stand above other traditional tobacco industries is its astounding variety, and the broad spectrum of options and flavours meant to suit the most diverse preferences. Simply put, there is something for everyone

Proof of this wide range of blends is the popularity of sweet and dessert-flavoured nicotine salts. Appealing to everyone's sweet tooth, these sugary e-liquids merge two of the most satisfying flavours you can experience and allow for an endless amount of creativity when it comes to mix-and-matching notes—after all, the world is overflowing with dessert recipes, is it not?

Out of all the options available within New Zealand, the following nicotine salts are a must-try due to their exceptional quality and unparalleled sweetness. 

1. Churrios by The Milkman Salts.



The Milkman is a one-of-a-kind brand that dedicates its entire line-up to capturing milkshakes' milky sweetness and gears it towards the vaping market. All of this is done in a manner that takes you to the era when milkshake parlours were the hotspot. 

But in a brand that is all about the sweetness, one flavour has reached cult-classic status—Churrios. The carefully blended notes of this particular product managed to perfectly capture the flavour of recently-fried churros coated in powdered cinnamon and sugar, alongside the generous cream-like taste that has become The Milkman's signature.

The Milkman's Churrios has a 60% VG - 40% PG ratio to assurance a smooth vaping experience. It comes in a 30ml presentation and features a nicotine strength of 40mg.

2. Lemon Tart by Vape Dinner Lady Salts.

Few flavours are as legendary within the vaping world as Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart, the brand's signature flavour, and nothing short of their joy and pride. With good reason, too, as this blend has won multiple awards since its conception in 2016. 

Lemon Tart is the quintessential sweet-and-sour experience sought after in every lemon dessert. The expert mixologists created a layered experience that begins with a sharp lemon flavour upon the first intake, only to deliver a sweet meringue-like taste that spreads to every one of your senses.

In its nicotine salt form, Lemon Tart comes in an even 50% VG-50% PG ratio and is available in two strengths—30mg and 50mg, both with a presentation of 30ml.


3. Bubble Trouble by Dinner Lady Salts.

Lemon Tart might be Dinner Lady Salt's flagship product. Still, it is far from being the only deliciously sweet option they have to offer within their line. Case in point—Bubble Trouble, also known as Bubble Gum. 

Meant to evoke the flavour of classic bubblegum, Bubble Trouble almost makes you chew instinctively as it takes you down the memory lane of that unforgettable childhood taste. It is a purely sugary experience, and it doesn't attempt to be anything else. Each puff is sweet, almost overwhelmingly so, satisfying your craving for desserts all at once. 

Bubble Trouble's even ratio of 50%VG – 50% PG provides a balanced experience that has both smoothness and richness of flavour, and it comes in nicotine strengths of 30mg and 50mg in a 30ml bottle size.

4. Purple Bomb by VGOD SaltNic.

Purple Bomb by VGOD SaltNicConcord grapes are well-known within the viticulture field as some of the sweetest grapes available, tailor-made for desserts and other sweet concoctions thanks to its deep flavour and gorgeous, vibrant purple hue.

VGOD SaltNic—the unparalleled collaboration between VGOD and SaltNic Labs—took inspiration from the Concord grape to create their Purple Bomb, an unaltered grape experience brought to the next level thanks to an extra dose of sweet notes, meant to evoke a high-quality grape candy that you simply cannot get enough of.

Thanks to its signature ratio of 55% PG–45% VG, vaping Purple Bomb is a rich and profoundly flavourful experience that is nonetheless gentle on the throat. It is available in a presentation of 30ml and features nicotine strengths of 25mg and 50mg.  

5. Crumbleberry by The Milkman Salts.

Crumbleberry by Milkman Salts

It's only natural that The Milkman Salts, a brand specialised in sweet and dessert-flavoured nicotine salts, is featured twice within the list. But amidst the many mouth-watering options available, none stands out more than Crumbleberry.

Yet another perfect mixture of sweet and sour flavour profiles, Crumbleberry is the ideal tart dessert you need and deserve within your vaping experience. The Milkman's flavour experts created a layered profile that takes you through several notes within the first puff. The deliciously sweet and tangy flavour of raspberries hits your taste buds first, followed by The Milkman's signature vanilla cream, which created a balanced and rich dessert delight.

Crumbleberry has a 60% VG - 40% PG ratio is available in 40mg nicotine strength.

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