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Top 5 Tobacco flavoured Nicotine Salt eLiquids in New Zealand

It is well-known that vaping is an effective and highly sought option to slowly reduce your regular cigarettes consumption. However, the transition can still feel jarring for regular smokers, as they might miss certain aspects of traditional cigarettes that are not possible with vaping.

Enter tobacco flavours, a safe way to taste the robust notes of tobacco without experiencing cigarettes' side effects.

However, not all tobacco-flavoured nicotine salts are built equal. That is why the following five nic salt eliquids stand out from the rest, as they provide bold and authentic flavours made with exceptionally high-quality ingredients by the industry's best mixologists.

1. Cubano by VGOD Saltnic.

VGOD SaltNic - Cubano Podlyfe

With a name like Cubano, it is impossible not to expect the most high-quality and authentic Cuban cigar flavour vaping technology has to offer. Luckily, VGOD and SaltNic Labs provide just that. 

Cubano boasts of deep, layered tobacco flavours with a hint of vanilla that provides a rich experience akin to authentic cigars, but alongside a silky smooth hit for the throat. The complex flavour tones are strong, with a hint of sweetness that is simply impossible to resist.

The enjoyment of VGOD SaltNic's Cubano is possible thanks to their signature 45% VG – 55% PG ratio to provide a balanced and strong experience without sacrificing flavour. Likewise, you can enjoy it in your refillable pod vape with its 30ml presentation and nicotine strengths of 25mg and 50mg. 

2. American Patriots by Naked 100.

American Patriots by Naked 100 SaltsIt is impossible to deny the strong imagery American Patriots conveys, particularly its former name—American Cowboy. Naked 100's mixologists and experts created a unique experience that takes you to a Wild West salon with each puff of this flavour profile. 

American Patriots is a classic tobacco blend that provides exceptionally high notes of burley tobacco leaves alongside a smooth infusion of caramel to add a slight sweet pinch to the typically spicy tobacco. 

Sold in 30ml bottles, American Patriots comes in nicotine strengths of 35mg and 50mg and is formulated with a 65% VG – 35% PG—ideal for exhaling classic tobacco smoke clouds like a Clint Eastwood character would, while still keeping the experience gentle on your throat. 

The best of both worlds.


3. Gold by The Milkman Salts.

Gold by Milkman SaltsThe Milkman Salts is well-known for its dessert-inspired flavours and gorgeous aesthetics. As such, Gold is their particular take of a classic tobacco nicotine salt—and the result is nothing short of delicious. 

Think of Gold as the closest you can get to experiencing eating a delicious tobacco dessert while vaping.

The bold and complex flavours within Gold start with the cured Turkish tobacco infusion expertly blended to coat your senses from the first second. Alongside the overpowering taste of tobacco, you find more than just a touch of golden honey to sweeten up the experience, and finally, The Milkman Salts' signature cream flavour.

The result? A fantastic tobacco milkshake with a 60% VG – 40% PG ratio and nicotine strength of 40mg. Not bad.


4. Classic Tobacco by I Love Salts.

Classic Tobacco by I Love  Salts

Amidst all their creative and innovative blends, the team of flavour experts at Mad Hatter Juice recognise the importance of classics. Subsequently, they released their Classic Tobacco flavour for their I Love Salts' line. 

Using the best quality cured tobacco flavour profiles, Classic Tobacco displays elegant notes of rich, nutty, and slightly spicy tobacco, making it the star of a blend that does not add any other flavour. As such, Classic Tobacco is tailor-made for those that seek a simple tobacco experience without any additional notes that can eclipse its starring role. Likewise, its balance of 50% VG – 50% PG makes it ideal for the general public.

You can purchase Classic Tobacco in a 30ml format, with nicotine concentrations of 25mg and 50mg.


5. Dry Tobacco by VGOD Salts.

Dry Tobacco by VGOD SaltnicThe legendary alliance between VGOD and SaltNic produced some of the most reputable nicotine salt flavours within the industry, and VGOD Salt's Dry Tobacco is a testament to their status.

Dry Tobacco is an uncomplicated blend that doesn't bother with complex flavour combinations. Instead, it goes back to the basics that many crave. It is exactly what its name says—dry tobacco. In particular, it features the profile of authentic flue-cured tobacco, providing a specific type of experience for those that miss regular cigarettes. 

To match the potent tobacco flavour, Dry Tobacco comes in nicotine strengths of 25mg and 50mg and features a ratio of 45% VG – 55% PG—all the power of classic tobacco in a smoother, sleeker manner.

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