General Vaping Information

If you're new to vaping, you may have asked or wondered about these commonly asked questions about vaping in New Zealand.

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 A recent NHS study in the UK found that e-cigarettes are twice as likely to help smokers quit their habit than nicotine products like patches and gums. The fact that you are reading this article today means that you have taken the first step to quit smoking. Sadly, it’s likely that you took this exact step many times before. Many smokers try to quit their habit time and again. Some manage to do it, but most people just go back to smoking after a few weeks, days, or even hours of trying.

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Vapes emerged as long, thin cigarette lookalikes and were essentially electronic devices that simulated tobacco smoking. Unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes (short for electronic cigarettes), or vapes, as they are commonly known as, generated vapors instead of smoke. The user would inhale the vapors and enjoy a “puff” that mimicked smoking.
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Vaping is continuously evolving with consumer needs, here are 6 generations of vaping innovations which have all reshaped the way adult smokers in New Zealand use nicotine in their own unique way.