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Don Cristo Salts

Don Cristo Salts is a sophisticated collection meant for the true connoisseurs of tobacco blends and any vaper interested in delighting their palates with the most distinguished of flavour combinations.

The collection is the brainchild of PGVG Labs, a Canadian manufacturer that took the vaping world by storm with its exceptional quality and unique outlook regarding what it means to be a vaping innovator. In response to their originality and outstanding output, PGVG Labs boast the title of one of the fastest-growing e-liquid manufacturers within the market.

Regarding their production, PGVG Labs guarantee only the most exceptional quality for Don Cristo Salts. In this aspect, the company staff’s continuously develops edge-cutting technology to innovate the e-juice creation process within ISO certified laboratories that fit the strictest of national and international standards.

Each mass production facility boasts automated assembly lines with reinforced sanitation and advanced anti-cross-contamination systems that guarantee sanitisation and an exceptional quality reflected in flavour profiles and consistent releases. As of now, PGVG Labs affirms to have an astonishing production rate of over 2000 e-juice bottles per hour.

Under these conditions, PGVG Labs produce Don Cristo Salts—undoubtedly, their jewel in the crown. It is a unique collection that dedicates all flavours in its range to the Montecristocigars, a renowned brand of premium cigars produced in Cuba and the Dominican Republic that, despite their distinguished variety, boast of a very recognisable flavour profile. 

To transform this iconic taste into an e-juice worth of your palate, PGVG curates each blend by steeping them for three months with genuine Montecristo cigars, using it as the base flavour combination upon which they build their collection. 

The Don Cristo Salts collection comes in bottles of 30ml that come in two different nicotine strengths—35mg and 50mg. Likewise, the e-juice is blended with a perfectly even VG/PG ratio of 50/50 to guarantee the perfect nicotine levels with the smooth throat hit you’ve come to expect from vaping. 

There are seven (7) different flavours to choose from, all of them infused with the true Montecristoessence your senses need.

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