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Collection: The Milkman Salts

Ladies, fix your poodle skirts. Gentlemen, brush back those pompadours—The Milkman Salts collection is here, and it’s ready to take us back to the good ol’ days.

Inspired by 50s Americana, The Milkman Salts is a collection dedicated exclusively to the flavours and sensations that could be found in vintage milkshake parlours. As such, each of their flavours is sweet, dessert-inspired, and features their exclusive Milkman touch—notes of creamy vanilla that turn each puff you take into an authentic milkshake experience.

The mastermind behind The Milkman Salts is none other than Barbara Villegas, of The Vaping Rabbit fame. Since its conception in 2014, The Milkman Salts has grown into one of the most renowned and respected nicotine salt e-juices brands and became a quintessential collection and a must-try for every vaper with a taste for desserts and an undeniable sweet tooth.

The Milkman Salts is composed of eight (8) distinctive flavours, each of them representing a particular dessert or creating a structured composition that feels distinctively dessert-like. Whether you prefer tobacco, mint, or other traditional flavours, the odds are that you will find it represented here, but within sweet and creamy formulations that are—pardon the pun—the very crème de la crème.

Each The Milkman Salts’ nicotine salt e-juices comes in a 30ml bottle with a nicotine salt strength of 40mg. To guarantee a genuinely milkshake-like smoothness throughout your vape, these blends are formulated with a VG/PG ratio of 60/40, ensuring an excellent flavour delivery with the matching mild throat hit.

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