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Vapetasia Salts

Founded in 2014, Vapetasia is an exclusive gourmet American vaping company and manufacturer. Since then, it has become one of the most well-known brands within the industry and across the world, not in small part thanks to the popularity of their flagship flavour blend, Killer Kustard. 

With headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vapetasia boasts of the exclusive, high-quality, and rigorous production system to develop its products. Each e-liquid is carefully crafted within a sterile and controlled environment, using American sourced ingredients after a select screening process to guarantee only the highest quality from the get-go. 

Likewise, the company is committed to investing in the development, progression, and establishment of the vaping industry nationwide and across the globe. That is why Vapetasia regularly collaborates and supports state and federal level advocacy groups and actively seeks to protect the rights of vapers everywhere, making them one of the most active and aware companies anywhere. 

That is also the reasoning behind their continuous support and investment in the Vapor Technology Association. Chris Finch, Vapetasia’s CEO, states that the company’s position is defending “the right to use vaporisers of all kinds and e-liquids in unlimited flavours.” 

But beyond their activism, Vapetasia can boast a unique, unparalleled, and mouth-watering flavour collection. Although they have plenty of variety for any avid vaper to choose from, it is clear the company has a penchant for cream and custard flavour profiles. Of them all, it’s worth highlighting their iconic Killer Custardblend, which remains a favourite for newcomers and gourmetvapers alike. 

Expanding their horizons, Vapetasia released their best-selling signature flavours in nicotine salt form, aptly naming the collection Vapetasia Salts. To preserve the flavours and the smooth experience, their mixologists opted for an even VG/PG ratio of 50/50 condensed in 30ml bottles. Likewise, to appeal to a wide market of vapers demanding multiple nicotine salt strengths, they released three different options—12mg, 24mg, and 48mg—each of them perfect for either casual vaping or All Day Vape uses. 

When it comes to flavours, Vapetasia Salts features eleven (11) of the company’s most renowned blends—their delectable Killed Kustard remaining the best seller regardless of form. 

Ready to experience the explosion of sensations Vapetasia Saltshas prepared for you?