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alt. Device Bundle

Device Colour: Classic Black
Nic mg strength: 40mg
Flavour: Mango

Introducing the New alt. Device Bundle!

Meant for newcomers and experts alike, the alt. Device Bundle gives you the most exquisite alt. products without much fuss, guaranteeing a customised vaping experience at every single step of the journey. Select your favourite colour, preferred flavour, and you’re ready to go.

No fuss, no mess, just vape.

Choose from 5 device colours and 13 flavours. Each bundle contains one (1) alt. device and one (1) "2 pack" of 40mg (4%) alt. replacement pods

Five Colours Available. 

Vape with style and class by choosing a colour that fits your sense of aesthetics. There are five (5) different options available: 

  • Original Black
  • Spring Green.
  • Lilac
  • Peach Gold.
  • Sky Blue.

Choose from 13 different flavours. 

The replacement pods that come with the device are available in thirteendifferent exquisite blends with a nicotine strength of 40mg.

  • Mango: Your favourite tropical fruit, in all of its juicy sweetness.
  • Gold Tobacco: An original blend of nutty tobacco flavour with rich caramel notes.
  • Boysenberry: A boysenberry tart delight
  • Menthol Ice: A chilling blast of icy menthol, straight to your senses.
  • Mint: Cooling mint flavour.
  • Aqua Mint: Mint candy that balances a cooling sensation with slight sweetness.
  • Grape Mint: Juicy grapes with an ice-cold finish.
  • Peach Ice: The airy, light sweetness of a peach beverage with the chilling notes of menthol.
  • Vanilla: A classic vanilla blend with sweet and warm aromatic undertones.
  • Watermelon: The classic summertime fruit, this time as a nicotine salt e-juice.
  • Pineapple: Juicy and slightly tart pineapple blend.
  • Strawberry Ice: The distinctive flavour of sweet strawberries, with a tasty menthol finish:
  • Aloe Ice: Aloe vera juice with a side of chilling ice.

In the Bundle:

Each alt. Device Bundlecomes with:

  • One (1) device.
  • One (1) pack containing two (2) 40mg alt replacement pods.