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Stop Smoking Start Vaping: The healthy truth about vaping (eBook)

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Stop Smoking Start Vaping

About the book

Written by leading Tobacco Harm Reduction Advocate Dr. Colin Mendelson, Stop Smoking Start Vaping dispels the myths about vaping and presents the real scientific evidence in an easy to read format aimed at providing quality advice on how smokers can successfully make the switch from smoking to vaping.  

Endorsed by leading New Zealand, Australian and international public health experts including Professors John Britton, Peter Hajek, Neal Benowitz, Riccardo Polosa, Hayden McRobbie and Wayne Hall; this ebook is a must have for any new vapers trying to stay off smoked tobacco products. 

Part 1

Covers what vaping is and the key scientific that exists that can help answer questions such as Is vaping safer than smoking? What is popcorn lung? How harmful is nicotine? Is vaping effective for quitting? And more!

Part 2

A hands on guide to help smokers get started with vaping; answering questions such as what device should you start with, how much nicotine you need and the different styles of vaping techniques and nicotine formulations to ensure a safe and effective vaping experience. 

Part 3

Covers the controversies about vaping. Why is it opposed by some health and medical authorities, e.g. in Australia and Singapore? What are the hidden reasons underpinning their objections? Is youth vaping a serious concern? How should vaping be regulated and what can we do to accelerate the uptake of vaping by adult smokers?

The paperback is also available for purchase here.


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