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VUSE ePod Flavour Bundle


Unsure of what VUSE ePod flavour to try? Get them all in the VUSE ePod flavour bundle!

VUSE ePod replacement pod cartridges made for use with the VUSE ePod and come in 5% nicotine salt eliquids. 

In the bundle 

This bundle contains one pack of each flavour (5 packs total, 2 pods per pack) in 5% nicotine salt strength. 

  • Dark Cherry - A blend of dark cherry and red fruit notes.
  • Vanilla Medley - Velvety smooth, creamy vanilla. 
  • Crisp Mint - An expertly crafted refreshing mint sensation.
  • Blushed Mango - A rich mango flavour.
  • Golden Tobacco - A balanced combination of smooth and creamy golden tobacco notes. 
  • Crisp Watermelon - A refreshing watermelon flavour with a blend of subtle juicy notes
  • Cucumber Mix - A collision of cucumber freshness and cranberry tanginess.
  • Passionfruit Fields - A tropical passionfruit explosion alive with almond notes
  • Original Strawberry - An exciting fusion of sweet strawberry and subtle green notes.


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